final response reflection statement

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Urban Ethnicity Final Response Reflection Statement (RRS) This final assignment is intended as an opportunity for you to draw conclusions about what you have experienced in the course and how your thinking about the subject matter has evolved. As with previous assignments you will respond to prompts posed by the instructor so you may: 1. apply theoretical concepts in analyzing historical and sociological events revealed through course readings or videos 2. through thinking critically make connections between different courses materials illustrating similar themes or relating to specific theoretical concepts 3. demonstrate command of key concepts by defining/explaining them in your own words. Review your ADM Reflection Reports, and then complete this assignment. Consider instructor’s feedback and guidance provided that correct inaccuracies, and formulate ways to better demonstrate comprehension of concepts and ideas for inclusion into this assignment where relevant. The length of this final statement should be at least 3 typed, double spaced pages. This is a minimum range for an average submission; you are encouraged to write beyond this minimum (providing more examples and connections) toward earning an above average score. For the RRS, respond to the following:  The destination of most immigrants into the US, and the migration of blacks after emancipation, was to cities. What impact do you think urban environments had on the social status (position) of ethnic minority groups in forming the American social structure? Draw from ADM to provide at minimum two (2) illustrative examples featuring different ethnic groups in support of your observations;  Explain in your own words what multiculturalism means to you. Using different ethnic groups, provide at minimum two (2) examples from the course (from ADM, D2L articles, your fieldwork reflections, and videos) to support your meaning of multiculturalism. This final RRS should be submitted no later than 11:00pm (CDT) Thursday 19 March to the appropriate D2L Submissions folder. Submission after this date and time will not be accepted (unless you produce documentation of a medical emergency prohibiting completion of the assignment). Your submission will be assessed a number grade of up to 50 pts. Assessment is based on: 1. adequate response to the prompts above; 2. the degree of critical thinking demonstrated by correctly applying key concepts and theoretical ideas presented in the course and demonstrated comprehension by providing a definition/explanation in your own words; 3. reflection on issues derived from the course, and making appropriate connections between them as they relate to multiculturalism and urban ethnicity (and other key concepts you think relevant).

Please use ADM book. Resources avaliable within attachment

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