Final Submission: Research Paper – Microeconmics

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This is the final submission for a research paper on Nike worth 300 points. All documents are attached. Three different papers (attached) were due throughout the course of the class. You can use these to incorporate the information into the final draft. The assignments were complete by study pool and all three grades averages a high (B). The feedback I received from my instructior was that all critical elements was not mentioned and completed within the paper. Please be sure to review ALL documents I have attached to get a better understanding of what is missing and what needs to be done.

Guideline and Rubric is attached titled “ECO 201 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric”

7-9 Page Minimum ( Microsoft word template for the research paper is attached) it is titled “ECO 201 Final Paper Guide”

The other three documents titles “Microeconomice Module 2,4 & 5” were papers submitted by study pool. All receiving a (B) due to missing information.

References must be in alphabetical order on a separate citation page

Research paper MUST be in APA fomat

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