final two drawings

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You will create two new drawings that combined tell a story (narrative). Imagine a story that can be told in two frames. It is imperative that for this option there is an obvious narrative that the audience can clearly “see” a story being told. The mandatory theme for this option is the current coronavirus pandemic.


•Statement of purpose (due Saturday May 9th) indicating which option you will pursue and the reason behind your choice. Explain your idea and why you think it would give you the best outcome for this assignment. It’s ok to change your mind, but you will be required to plan and re-create the 10 sets of preliminary sketches.

•10 sets of thumbnail sketches (two drawings per set) of different possibilities for each of the options (in your sketchbooks). In these sketches you will seek to develop the best composition, the most appropriate choice of medium and color schemes. Thumbnails due Wednesday, May 13th.

•Paper size is the 18 x 24 in used throughout the semester. Optional: create a one or two inch border and tape it so you have room for properly framing/matting it.


Except for digital processes any medium of your choice (from the materials used in this Drawing II course). If you choose option A, the medium should be determined by the starting drawing. If working with Option B, the medium choice is up to you.


Please take as good a picture of the two drawings as you can. If your first drawing for some reason remained on campus and due to the closure you don’t have access to it, ask me if I have a picture of it. Take a picture of each drawing individually and together side by side. Try to present the drawings as best as possible within the circumstances. Tip: A wall with neutral light (no direct sunlight) either mid morning or mid afternoon generally provides good results. Attach the drawings carefully (with tape) to a hard surface (drawing board), so you can photograph them by leaning the drawing board on a wall.

Grading rubric

This final drawing assignment is worth 30 points and to earn the maximum points you will have to address the following:

Your final set of drawings will be evaluated under the following criteria: planning (thumbnails, statement) 9 points, choice of theme/concept & quality of execution, handling of medium (craftsmanship) 13 points, composition, presentation, creativity & originality, effort 8 points.

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