financial economics assignments

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For each of these possible assignments, I expect you to gather information based on recent events and explain how these events have affected the particular markets, companies, or individuals you are discussing. In grading your work, I will look for (1) the accuracy of your information, (2) your demonstrated understanding of the market or markets you’re discussing, and (3) your ability to explain the connections between financial markets and institutions (in the U.S., other developed economies, or emerging markets) and the “real” economy, i.e., households and/or producers of goods and non-financial services. In discussing events or answering questions, imagine that you are explaining what you’re seeing to an interested member of your household who is intelligent but less well informed than you are.

1. Write an extended news analysis.

Your extended news analysis should include at least 3 to 4 news articles collected over a period of time from at least two (2) different sources. Summarize what has happened over time. Connect these events to our overall course objective of understanding how the financial world and the non-financial economy are connected. Be sure to include a list of your sources.

2- Write a news report

Interview small business owners, the managers/operators of service organizations, and/or individuals. Identify particular challenges and/or opportunities in the current environment.Do they feel like they have more or fewer sources of financing currently than (say) at the end of last year? Have they needed/sought financial support as a result of the events proceeding from the coronavirus pandemic? Have they received (or do they anticipate receiving) support from state, local, or the federal governments and/or the private sector (banks or other sources of business financing)? What financial resources have they accessed or what resources will they need to survive and (eventually, hopefully) flourish? Explain.

OR your news report could be about small businesses that have decided to close permanently as a result of the challenges presented by the coronavirus shutdowns. Once again, discuss their ability (or inability) to access financial assistance since (say) March 1. Was the degree to which they could (or could not) access financial markets a determining factor in their decision to close the business? Explain.

Profile at least two (2) to three (3) individuals or businesses. Identify commonalities and/or differences represented by the different stories, and be sure to highlight how access (or lack of access) to financial services has influenced their fate to date. You can provide context for your news story by including references to articles analyzing state or national trends.

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