find an example of a security breach which compromised data records at a company in the same industry as you will be using in your final paper summarize the breach discuss the data that was lost and identify security controls that you would recommend b

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Reply for below 2 posts. APA format and 100-150 words each post.


Technology is accredited to many elements of development as well as incredible influence on the accomplishments of many establishments. Efficient use of technology is the critical to both growth and development in business environments. Nevertheless, close examination discloses the multitudes of problems resulting from technology. Development in technology is attributed to the origin of different illegal practices which, in modern years, have led organizations into awful harms. Breach of data and cybercrimes are among the key harms posed by technological innovation (Culnan & Williams, 2009). Numerous organizations in the private and public sectors, have lost massive sums of cash as well as private information to villains due data breaks. It is, thus, vital for both individuals and private companies to create data protection strategies to avoid such losses.

An Example of a Security Breach Which Compromised Data Records at a Company

India experienced a dangerous data security breakdown in 2018. The Aadhaar, a profitmaking bank in India, experienced several breaks to its databank, an occurrence that saw many private information interfered with. During the security breach, mischievous cyber criminals got entry into the bank’s databank and accounts via one of the bank’s employees. Abuse of instantaneous messaging was responsible for the blunder. The bank gave out personal data and private details of its clients to cybercriminals (Veksler et al., 2018). The crooks, consequently sold access to databank cheaply to people. The security breach interfered with bank as well as its clients. The clienteles had their secretive information exposed to crooks. Nonetheless, it is the ban that undergone a weighty damage from the occurrence (Veksler et al., 2018). Its reputation was highly hurt amongst in industry. Besides, the bank lost several customers that terminated their link with the bank hence migrated to other banks. The best security solution to the breach is the creation of a reliable security policy. Entrusting few employees with passwords to an organization’s database would also save the situation.

In conclusion, it is true to conclude that; numerous companies have suffered a substantial damages and loss of essential data security breaches. Many personal and delicate data owned by organizations interfered with through security breaches. The Indian bank is just an example high profile corporations that have incurred significant losses from data security modern era. Measures should be taken by both public and private institutions to ensure effective mechanisms are put in place to curb and reduce cases of data breaches. Mechanisms for providing both privacy and security of data should be established.


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Cyber-attacks have been an issue among various serious economies. Numerous associations and organizations have lost market advantage as a result of ruptures in the security of information. Every day digital progressions continue making it simple for data with respect to customers to be gotten to from a few associations. Governments are additionally part of the objectives. As the setting relates, history has affirmed that legislatures and partnerships are the ones focused on the fundamental motivation behind cutting down-solid organizations and the simpler gaining of accounts. (Tanenbaum, W. A, 2005)

The legislature of the United States is among the unfortunate casualties who have consistently been focused on. This was obvious in the year 2013; the teller machines in New York were hacked into and the programmers figured out how to pull back singular amounts of cash. The administration in Canada is another focused on the unfortunate casualty. The administration of India additionally faces such assaults. A few organizations face data ruptures, they incorporate innovation organizations, for example, Intel advancements. The guard contractual workers likewise face this issue; the universal Olympic advisory group is another unfortunate casualty. The United Nations is another unfortunate casualty whose history shows that programmers target cutting it down. During the year 2008, they figured out how to break into their workplaces in Geneva to gather private data having a place with the United Nations. (Turner, L., 2013)

In summary, much should be done in guaranteeing programmers are constantly kept from exploiting data that ought to be secret. The rivalry is in every case great when contenders don’t use private information to exploit others. To keep great notorieties, any associations or governments should keep better dynamic procedures in the assortment, stockpiling and utilization of classified information. This, consequently, calls for utilization of information security programming in the counteraction of spillages, the discovery of noxious exercises ought to be as right on time as could be allowed.


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