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For the identifications, you will be using your knowledge of all the material from the second half of the course to explain how various government programs, legislation, or major events affected the various minority groups we have studied this semester. There will be a list of five different policies or events and five different minority groups (which could also include women). You will choose FIVE combinations of events and groups to explain the impact of the institution on identity. For example, if one of the events was World War 1 and one of the groups was African Americans, you would explain the impact of the war on African American identity. You can use each event or group multiple times so long as you have FIVE total answers. Each answer should be about a paragraph and will use the same format as in the Midterm; you must describe the relationship, explain it in more detail, and expand on its lasting significance.

Identify the impact of government policies on diverse groups of people in American society. From the lists below of government policies and groups of people that were affected by them, choose FIVE combinations (e.g. the impact of the New Deal on African Americans) to identify the impact of the policy on the particular group. For each combination you choose write ONE paragraph identifying the policy, explaining its impact on the particular group, and expanding on the long-term implications of this policy for this group. Each identification is worth 5 points.

Government policies:

1924 Immigration Act

The New Deal

World War II

1964 Immigration Act

Civil Rights Act 1964

Groups of people:

African Americans


Mexican Americans

Asian Americans

White ethnic Americans (eg Italians, Poles, Russians, Jews)

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