Fire and Rescue Services

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There are many types of fire and rescue services in the UK. Taking the three examples of a Local Authority Fire and Rescue Service (LAFRS), An Airport Rescue and Firefighting Service (ARFFS) and Industrial Fire and Rescue Service (IFRS Such as that in a oil refinery) compare and contrast each type of service using the following criteria:

1. Operational objectives of the services

2. Crewing standards

3. Operational vehicles and equipment

4. Training

5. Principle operational risks and special operational skill requirements

you need to demonstrate the depth of research using a wide range of contextual material including :

– Knowledge of each type of FRS

– Crewing Details

– Equipment and vehicles (include their performance )

– Firefighting tactics for the three types of fire

– Training Requirements

– Knowledge of main risks

** talk about all Fire and Rescue services mentioned above in the question. focus more on the ariport firefighters.

** Total word count = 1500 words.

** In-text Citations and Referencing Using Harvard Style.

** PDF files will be attached to help you solve the tasks

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