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Dropbox 6: Olaudah Equiano – Activity – Availability Ends

Early American Literature –

After reading Chapter 2 of Olaudah Equiano’s narrative and watching the two videos on slavery in America and the trans-Atlantic slave trade, briefly write two paragraph.

Paragraph 1:How would you characterize Equiano’s feeling about his home country in chapter 1? (100 word)

Paragraph 2: Describe three of the horrific conditions of the slave ship as experienced by Equiano and related in his narrative. (150 words)

Paragraph 2: At the end of chapter 2, Equiano writes, “O, ye nominal Christians! might not an African ask you, learned you this from your God? (546)” How might this argument and his emphasis on his conversion in chapter 10 be useful in persuading English and Americans to support abolition? (150 words)

Be sure to quote from Equiano’s text in your answer. Include in-text citations using MLA’s format. Be sure to include a topic sentence for each paragraph.

Submit your assignment to the dropbox.

This activity should take about 45 minutes and will help students meet the following objective:

1. Students will detail some of the horrific characteristics of the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

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