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Skeletal muscle Power point presentation:


Each individual PowerPoint presentation should contain the following:


• Anatomical concepts relative to the body system chosen by the group and

relative to the specific topic area chosen by the individual student.


• Information presented in a manner that would help individuals, who have no prior

experience with A&P terminology and concepts, understand and become

interested in the content. (Hint: As a group, you could brainstorm about analogies

and other strategic elements that might be used in presentations to make

unfamiliar A&P concepts more familiar and understandable.)


• Visual aids that help clarify information for the audience.


• A presenter’s script that would provide greater detail on the presentation topic

and would be embedded in the PowerPoint presentation. (Hint: The “notes”

feature in PowerPoint provides such a space for presentation scripts.)


• Documentation of at least three current references (within the last five years)

used to support content. Please note: The textbook is not considered an

appropriate reference.


• Demonstration of proper writing style, spelling and grammar, and citation of

sources according to APA standards.


Grading Criteria Maximum Points

PowerPoint Presentation Criteria


Effectively communicated the main concepts and terminology of the selected topic  4


Provided suitable analogies to explain the concepts related to the topic 4


Documented at least three current references for the presentation providing it

at a logical point in the presentation and formatted them according to APA standards 4


Included visual aids in the PowerPoint presentation 4


Provided an effective “script” for the PowerPoint presentation by making use of the “Notes” feature 4


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