foreign aid promotes development V foreign aid is ineffective

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Debate Paper


  • 4-5 pages in length (12 font, double spaced, 1 inch margins)
  • Proper citations (works cited)
  • Includes research outside of the book


2) Pick any chapter from the book – read it and briefly summarize what you learn in your paper.

  • Try to pick a chapter about a topic we have discussed in class

3) Pick a side that you agree with the most – explain why in your paper. Do some more research to support your position. What arguments do you agree with or disagree with the most?

4) Explain how this debate and your position, fit within IPE more broadly (what we have learned this semester, theory, etc.) and what is going on in the news (current events). This will involve more research outside of the book as well. Make the appropriate connections.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learning/understanding IPE debates – summarizing main points
  • Critical thinking about picking a side of a debate – and arguing for your position
  • Making connections to current events and what we have learned about IPE
  • Doing outside research (good sources) and making proper citations


buddy please write what is required above

and please write that i agree with the foreign aid, I think you wrote about that last month i will attached for you your work ,you can use some information from it if you want

also, I attached for you some references that the professor has in canvas

and please do not use big words

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