forever strong movie critique

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What I would like you to do is watch the movie “Forever Strong” (links at bottom) and provide your critique after you have watched the movie.

This assignment is worth 150 points so please be generous with your insights, correlations and summary content. A minimum of 4 pages “collegiately written” and double spaced will be expected in the dropbox “Forever Strong” movie critique by its respective due date. Please remember that significant points will be deducted for poor grammar, typos and incoherent sentences. Remember that items included in your critique should be referencing content found in your “Communication’s” text.

You are to answer all 10 questions using your text as reference.

  1. What characteristics distinguish this Highland Rugby Team (i.e. group) from just a gathering of people?
  1. Two forces often drive group communication: group goals and individual goals. Name a few of these goals that you noticed during the movie “Forever Strong”. Be sure to include names, place in the movie, as well as the goals exhibited.
  1. Define a few of Highland’s rules. How do they differ from Highland’s norms?
  1. Do you think this Highland Rugby Team functioned well? If so why?
  1. What norms did the Highland Rugby Team exhibit?
  1. Group interaction often follows a pattern. Which one of these patterns did the Highland Rugby Team follow? A. all-channel network; B. a chain network; C. wheel network? D. other
  1. Roles often define patterns of behaviors in a group or on a team. Select one of the actors in the movie and describe his/her formal role. Some of the actors actually had more than one role, so be sure to be complete in your answer.
  1. What are the players getting personally from being on the Highland Rugby Team that they would not be able to get from just being an individual?
  1. Define the Highland Rugby Team’s cohesiveness and identify the eight factors that contributed to their long standing successes.
  1. What did you think of the movie? How do you think the movie got its name? Are there any “Life Lessons” you might be able to take with you even if you aren’t a rugby player?

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