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Chapter 4 discussion board question:

Directions: Read the some of the content discussed in chapter 4 then answer the following questions thoroughly.

Since the initial appearance of the drug Viagra, which is designed to deal with erectile dysfunction in men, a variety of other, similar products have appeared, with some available only by prescription (e.g., Cialis or Levitra), while others are available through mail order and without a prescription (e.g., Enzyte). Visit the websites for each of these products:

After you have browsed these sites, respond to the following questions:

  • Various products appear to have dealt rather effectively with many men’s problems with impotency. What are your feelings on this issue? If you are male and if you were (or are) having this kind of difficulty, would you consider taking one of these products? Why or why not?
  • Thus far, no equally successful drug has been developed/approved for use by women who are experiencing sexual dysfunction. Does this surprise you? Why or why not?
  • Also, you need to respond to at least two classmates postings. One that you agree with and another that you disagree with.

    That’s it for this weeks

    I’ll send 2 classmate postings once student’s submit. This is all due on the 21st..


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