Freire and Hooks Critical Emancipatory Pedagogy , Week 3 writing assignment help

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Please read the following excerpts attached below and write a 500 word essay / 3 or more paragraphs answering the questions below. Your posting should offer a clear topical focus or thesis statement. It should contain at least 2 illustrative examples from the film or reading. It is your job to accurately interpret the text prior to adding your opinion. You must analyze any quotes you pull from the text. Don’t just quote the text and leave it for me to interpret.

What is the purpose of education? How can education serve the purposes of liberation and human transformation?

* Compare and contrast Freire and hooks;

* Consider issues pertaining to identity, expectations, life chances in terms of impact of race, class, gender on self, interpersonal relationships, on schools and in society.

* Reagan’s NWET: Consider the need to understand and challenge cultural ethnocentrism; the value of constructivism; and how to implement multicultural education in American society.

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