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Read the caselet given below and answer the questions of the assignment

. Shopmore is the retail chain of multinational Shopmore Group. In the early 90’s the group opened its first hypermarket in Abu Dhabi and has grown massively since then. In year 2005, the group began its expansion plan with the opening of the first Hyper Market in Dubai. Now, they control almost 20% of the retail market share with more than 80 stores spread around in the GCC. Research firm Deloitte, recently placed Shopmore among the world‘s 50 fastest growing retailers. MA Ahmed Ali is a visionary that has played a driving force in its aggressive expansion. It has employees over 30,000 across nationalities. They offer quality products and services to its customers. They have captured the hearts of customers with their superior quality products and convenient shopping experience. Generating an annual revenue of approximately 6.3 billion dollars, they are one of the fastest growing chains in world. (Note: Student can refer any retail organization for collecting data to answer questions provided in the case study ; eg- Lulu, Carrefour etc.) From the above case information, please consider the following tasks (minimum of five sentences per subtopic discussion for credit of minimum passing mark, therefore, student is expected to discuss more)

Q1. Identify and briefly discuss four (4) activities in four functional areas of the company

Q2. Discuss two marketing activities of the company used for promotion

Q3. As the group is expanding enormously, please identify two internal and external sources of additional funds.

Q4. Identify and discuss two Internal and Two external recruitment processes for the company

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