Fundamentals of Business Communication E-Mail Announcement

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This first week’s assignment allows you to apply the fundamentals of the three-step writing process to basic business communication messages.

Imagine the following scenario:

You are planning a series of trainings for your team of employees on best practices in workplace communication. Your first step is to send out an e-mail highlighting the topics of your upcoming series of trainings.

Write a 350- to 700-word message directed at your employees that discusses the topics to be covered in the upcoming trainings.

Apply the fundamentals of the three-step writing process as you write your message.

Include a brief synopsis of the following topics as a part of your message:

  • How business communication differs from informal or personal communication
  • Considerations for intercultural communication in the business environment
  • How ethics applies to business communication
  • How social media and other digital technologies shape business communication
  • How to plan, while incorporating ethics, as a part of the three-step writing process

Your email should look like a real email, with single-spaced block paragraphs. (Do not indent the paragraphs.) Leave a blank line between paragraphs to separate them. Add a polite greeting and closing appropriate for the business environment. For easy formatting, use the attached template.

Write your email entirely in your own words. Write a few sentences on each topic listed above to demonstrate your learning of the Week 1 course concepts.

The main thing I look for when grading assignments in ENG 135 is that students can demonstrate their learning of important weekly concepts in ENG 135. In this assignment, plan to write a few sentences on each of the five topics listed above to show what you learned about business communication in Week 1.

All ENG 135 assignments are routinely submitted to Plagiarism Checker, so take care not to copy or quote outside sources.

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