GCCCD Classification & Physical State of Hazardous Chemicals Worksheet

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Using the chemical inventory you collected,
identify the hazard classes associated with each chemical and which
chemicals are stored in which groups. Additionally, add at least one
chapter of the download,
which states the storage requirements for that grouping. To quickly
search a document, using the find function with your computer may allow
you to find the chapters quickly.

To group chemicals together for storage:

a the existing chemical inventory spreadsheet, create a column named
“Hazard Classes” and “Storage Group” in the two blank columns to the
left of the inventory. In this column use appropriate storage group
names for your chemicals, such that I may identify which type of
material it is. Additionally, add the chapter number which discusses
storage requirements in the document.


Incompatible Materials Storage Group
Oxiziders, Corrosives Flammable Chapter XX
All other materials, Acid Chapter XX
Corrosive Materials Compressed Gas Chapter XX
Corrosives Toxic Chapter XX


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