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First, choose one of the following three articles that you feel is most relevant and interesting (to you).

Now, reflect on how your knowledge of the article’s topic and content have changed since reading the course material and write a narrative in the first person that addresses each numbered item below. If you read all three of the articles you may have noticed that each one is quite different. For that reason, not all items below will apply to all articles.

(1) Identify and describe the article you selected in your own words (this should be a summary of the articles topic). Be sure to identify all of the relevant details if applicable, including any or all of the following

  • the setting (that is, the location),
  • the people/landscapes involved, and
  • the event, situation, and/or problem presented

(2) Describe the purpose and source of the article. Every author or publisher has intention with their words, consider that intention and address the questions below.

  • Who is the target audience?
  • Does the author/publisher have a motive or purpose? Why was the article written?
  • Who published the article?
  • Is the author/publisher successful in making their point and/or conveying information?

(3) Discuss how your perception and understanding of this article, and the event, situation, or problem described therein, has changed after becoming more geographically informed (that is, reading the lessons and text). In addressing this, be sure to make clear and specific connections between the article and lesson/text material.

(4) Conclude your response by describing any personal connection that the article has for you and how being more geographically informed in this topic area could benefit you in the future. Perhaps you never considered the topic before now, or maybe you have an interest or knowledge base in the subject area. In the last part, draw a conclusion to your writing while sharing your thoughts and reflections.

Papers should be between 600 and 800 words. At the very beginning of your letter, please type your word count in parentheses, for example: (Word count: 699). Your paper should be written using tight clear and concise prose that demonstrates the main point or points you wish to convey, demonstrating geographic knowledge and understanding.

Any outside sources (including the online lessons) used to develop your response must have an accompanying citation. Be sure to also include a works cited page that is consistent with the citation style used to write your paper.

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