George Mason University Nursing Leadership During Covid19 Pandemic Discussion

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1.  After reviewing the article, identify 3 salient (relevant) points presented in the article in terms of the change proposed and the setting for the change, include a rationale/evidence for each point.  For example, if you review an article about the implementation of simulation in nursing education to simulate clinical preparedness, you might conclude that:  According to __________ (year), 65% nursing students in the study reported that simulation helped them learn psychomotor tasks better than the classroom environment and they felt more prepared when performing those skills in the clinical setting.  When the simulation has been included in the curriculum at Stratford, it helped me feel better prepared and more confident during the clinical for the course….

2.  then, Identify the change process/model used to implement the change.

  • Identify the steps in the change process. (Example, The change process used was Lewin’s Model of Change. The three steps of the model are one, two, three.
  • Then describe those steps in the change process/model.

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