global forces local diversity

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Essay Question

Pick a specific place you are familiar with, either through class materials

or your personal experience. You can pick a city or town that you have visited before, or any other place that you would like to describe in this essay. What are FOUR of the most important concepts you learned in the class that best help you better understand this place or region? Why is this place and these concepts important to you? How do these concepts help you

understand the place? How are the global processes connected to this local place?

This course is for Global Forces, Local Diversity. In the broadest sense, the subject matter for a course on Global Forces, Local Diversities can include analysis of the tensions between global-scale forces (greater cultural, economic, and political connections) and local-scale diversity (cultural traditions, unique economic and religious practices, and political views) that influence many world’s problems. We will be looking at different elements of the human-altered landscape, and how they came to be. We will be looking at globalization, and the ways it influences our world. We will select those elements that affect both large areas and local-scale areas in our search for geographic order and regularity in patterns of population and settlement, cultural achievements, location of economic activity, and individual spatial behavior.

Key concepts

Among the key concepts geographers use to understand global patterns of human

activity and the processes that operate among people and places are:




maps & mapping

diffusion, population distribution & dynamics






push/pull factors


Human Development Index

core-periphery relations



post industrialization


urban structure


primary, secondary, and tertiary economic activities


Criteria Ratings Pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeThesis Statement

Virtually all effective writing (academic papers, letters to editors, blog posts, etc.) presents, early on, a clear, concise, summary of the argument that will follow. This has to be more than just a summary of what the author will cover, to telling us exactly what they will say. It should, by definition, reflect the original ideas of the author. At the same time, it must be relevant to the assignment or topic of discussion: the context of the writing and its presumed audience.

5.0 pts

Thesis statement is strong and relevant, and perfectly communicates an original idea that frames the rest of the writing

3.0 pts

Thesis statement is present in the introduction, and generally both on-topic and clear. 3 points

0.0 pts

No obvious a thesis statement, or that is vague and off-topic

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeOrganization

Basic principles of good organization:

1. each paragraph has one, and only one, clear topic statement that supports the thesis statement
2. topic statements/paragraphs are organized into a sequence that logically builds the argument articulated in the thesis statement
3. content includes smooth, clear, and logical transition among topic statements

5.0 pts

Organization strongly supports argument/thesis statement, without any significant gaps or diversions

3.0 pts

Organization generally supports argument/thesis statement. 3 points

0.0 pts

Organization is confusing and doesn’t support argument/thesis statement

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeEvidance

Strong arguments are supported by a logical sequence of claims, which are supported by strong, reliable, and relevant evidence. Includes:

are the sources reliable, and properly attributed/cited?
does the author consider potential evidence that may challenge their claims?
is the evidence appropriately integrated? For example, while sometime quoting is an effective way to integrate evidence, often paraphrasing is better.

5.0 pts

Evidence very strongly supports author’s claim, and gives very high confidence they’ve considered the full range of issues of relevance to the topic

3.0 pts

Generally includes properly cited proper and reliable evidence in such a way that claims appears reasonable

0.0 pts

Does not include evidence, or evidence is unreliable or off-topic, so doesn’t support claims made

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeGrammar

5.0 pts

Writing strongly clear and consistently communicates author’s ideas

3.0 pts

Writing generally clear and communicates author’s ideas

0.0 pts

Writing severely compromises the clarity of the ideas presented. 0 points

5.0 pts

This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeFour geography concepts are used properly

5.0 pts

Full Marks

0.0 pts

No Marks

5.0 pts

Total Points: 25.0

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