GLS 470 week1 How does exercise affect heart rate

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topic is about the children who are bilingualism. aim at how bilingualism benefits children can be research from jobs, education, vocabulary and opportunities etc. and how to help/teach bilingual children (best preschoolers) what is the strategies or tools. the purpose is how this topic relate to improving our lives in the future.


Write a focused, coherent, well-developed, well-structured, and grammatically correct research paper of 6-8 pages using 6-8 sources

Develop a clear thesis and well-structured outline

Use electronic databases to collect evidence and sources

Increase reading efficiency through implementing critical reading strategies

Take accurate notes from professional and academic texts

Quote, paraphrase, and summarize information from sources

Use APA style accurately

Reflect on research process experience

Access online and tutoring resources for writing assistance

Practice strategies for future graduate school research and writing

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