Gov 2305 Chapter 13

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******TOTAL OF 5 PROFILED!!!!****

Our Federal Bureaucracy is incredibly complicated with its hodge-podge creation, overlapping jurisdiction and multiple bosses.Below is a link that provides a pretty inclusive list of Federal Executive Branch entities (Departments, agencies, bureaus, boards, commissions, quasi-official agencies, etc – see Chapter 13 for more details on these different parts of the Executive Branch) that we will explore for this chapter assignment.…

From the lists provided, choose three government entities that you have never heard of and profile them.

Choose from: Executive Departments, Independent Agencies and Government Corporations, Boards, commissions, committees, or Quasi Official Agency links NOT FROM Executive Office of the President.

Profile Information:

1)Name of Government Entity:

2)Type of Government Entity: (Department, Board, Commission, Government Corporation, etc)

3)Website of Government Entity:

4)Brief History:Year created? In response to?Just give me a couple of historical facts.NOT EVERYTHING and DO NOT CUT AND PASTE

5)Brief description of purpose/what they do: DO NOT CUT AND PASTE

6)Size, budget (and location if applicable) of entity: How many people work there and what is their annual budget?You should be able to find this on the website somewhere.Location = what larger entity is it a part of?Example, the FBI is part of the Department of Justice.This is not applicable to all entities.

7)Your thoughts on the entity: Is it useful or useless? Why?


While this is a pretty inclusive list, it’s not a perfect list.For example:The Bureau for Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is also listed as Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Bureau. And some people are listed, as well as the entity that they work for like Director of National Security.Be mindful of this when selecting what you profile.

DO NOT choose more than one Department.In fact, most of you should have heard of the 15 major departments, so you may not include any.

Format: You can list the information as stated above- sort of outline style.

Citations: Please cite your sources – include any and all website you used to find this information, in addition to your textbook.

EXTRA CREDIT: Up to 1pt.Profile 2 more (.5 pts a piece).

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