Government s Role and Government Failure economics homework help

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Economics, Ch. 5: Government’s Role and Government Failure

How can the government’s power to coerce (influence economic behavior) be economically beneficial?

Economics, Ch. 6: Elasticity

  • What is the usefulness of the total revenue test for price elasticity of demand?
  • What are the factors that affect price elasticity of demand and price elasticity of supply? What are some applications of each?

Economics, Ch. 32: Money, Banking, and Financial Institutions

  • What are the functions and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve?
  • Why is Federal Reserve independence important?
  • What are the components of U.S. money supply?


McConnell, C., Brue, S., & Flynn, S. (2015). Economics Principals, Problems, and Policies (20th ed.).

Answer each question min. Of 200 words, use APA format

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