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18 slides Powerpoint

  • What is the most significant problem facing Texas today?
  • Describe the extent of this challenge and offer at least two realistic ways our state can address the issue in the future.
  • Will we overcome this problem?
  1. Use any good presentation software, such as Power Point, Prezi, Haiku Deck, etc.
  2. Use as many slides as you need to explain the problem and its solution, but at least 18 content slides (not counting title and references) as a minimum. Include pictures, images, charts, graphs, tables, maps, or video clips, etc.
  3. Remember to add “presenter notes” at the bottom of each slide. These are the words you would say for each slide in a face to face presentation and are required.
  4. Consult and list at least four (4) credible sources; your textbook may count as one of the four.

Please finish it before May 10th 12p.m. central time

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