Grossmont College Edward Burtynsky Nickle Tailing Photograph Discussion

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5.3e Discussion Visiting Gallery: Edward Burtynsky’s extraordinary images of manufactured landscapes

“Silver Lake Operations #1,” Lake Lefroy, Western Australia, 2007.

Edward Burtynsky is regarded as one of the world’s most accomplished contemporary photographers. His remarkable photographic depictions of global industrial landscapes are included in the collections of over sixty major museums around the world, including the National Gallery of Canada, the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, the Tate Modern in London, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in California.

Lets visit his blog and look at the few of him photographs where he depicted the the actual damage we do to our planet. (Links to an external site.)

For this discussion, pick the photo which made the most powerful impact on you. 

Do some internet research and provide information about this particular place, or provide some information about the damage , when it was done, what was an impact on the environment etc.

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