Harvard University Culture and Its Relation to Art Discussion

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Materials and Supplies

Set up of Room

Setting the stage: Safety and Appropriate behaviour

The Hook

Examples/Learning/New Skills

Activity time

Repetition of Ideas

Display and Reflection

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Assignment 3:

Program Outline

20% of Final Mark

DUE: November 28, 2020 11:59pmET

Assignment Description:  Based on your History of Arts paper and Interview/Case Studies, you will develop a detailed utline of an Arts, Culture and/or Heritage Program for your chosen facility.  This NEW Program will be divided into TWO sections: One 1-day program (3-4 hours in length) and One Month program (4 sessions of 2 hours in length). 


Write a detailed Description of your One Day Arts Program (100-200 words in length)

Write a justification of why your facility would benefit from this program (100-200 words in length)

Create a lesson plan detailing the activities of your program.

Detail: number of participants, location of where the program will be held, number of staff to facilitate program.

Describe the desired outcome of the Program with Image examples.  In other words, what will they take away with them after the Program ends (object, learning new skills etc)

Repeat Steps 1 – 5 for a ONE Month Program


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