hazard risk assignment

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If you need references please take from this website:https://libsecure.camosun.bc.ca:2443/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=adv&defaultdb=a9h

  • log into the camosun library database
  • type “your topic” into the search bar
  • on the left side click the box “peer reviewed” – this ensure that other scholars agree and support
  • set the date parameter for 2013 – 2020 – this will pull up recent articles

The articles that come up will be recent and peer reviewed. These are what you might use to support what folks in the articles you have list and what you say about your topic.

I hope this helps,

YOU CAN LOOK FOR RSOURCSES IN THIS WEBSITE >> https://libsecure.camosun.bc.ca:2443/login?url=https://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?authtype=ip,uid&profile=adv&defaultdb=a9h

“Credible, Scholarly References” PLEASE USE

To access online readings from the Camosun College library:

 Click on this link to access our Library database list (you can also find this under ‘Article Databases’ on the library website)

ï‚· Do a search for some keywords from the title, at least one author’s last name. For example, for the first article, you could use the following search string: Multicultural employees: A framework for understanding how they contribute to organizations.

ï‚· Log in, using your usual Camosun username and password.

ï‚· Select the article from your list of results and download the PDF file

  • So I have interviewed a guy I will provide you with his name and other info later.
  • Use Canadian resources
  • I have attached a voice recording the conversation.
  • I have attached some notes and the question that you have made them before.
  • So based on the question we have interviewed him and based on his answers you will do the assignment.
  • I have attached the chapter that might help you, and the book name.

Book name: Kelloway, E.K., Francis, L., & Gatien, B. (2017). Management of occupational health & safety, 7thedition. Toronto, ON: Nelson Education Ltd


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