Health 6 page paper due in 5 hours Dont bid more time

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will do my final project on caffeine and its link to anxiety and depression.
Thesis: People should reduce caffeine in their diets because it is a psychoactive drug which can cause anxiety and other stress-related issues.
Supporting Points:
-What is caffeine?
-Reasons why people consume caffeine
-How does it effect the brain?
-What is anxiety/depresion? (with examples)
-What foods and drinks have caffeine?
-Healthy alternatives that boost energy

he Final Project is due at the end of this module. The presentation must have a quantitative aspect—it must pertain to the course material and include information of a quantitative nature.

Late work will be accepted with a reduction in grade.


Your file is not considered submitted until the instructor has verified that it downloads and opens properly.

Remember that your file must be in one of the following formats:

If your Final Project is in video or animation form, it must be accompanied by a document in one of the formats just listed, containing all of the text and/or narration that you use in your video or animation. That file will be used to rate the page count element of the Grading Rubric, as well as to check your work for originality.

Note that this project must comply with the Liberal Arts Written Work Guidelines found on the Discussion page.

Spend some time furthering your current knowledge and understanding of a course-related subject that contains a quantitative aspect;
Present your knowledge and understanding in a professional manner;
Develop and demonstrate some competence in communicating quantitative information such as ratios, formulae, and statistics.
Word-processing software
Software relevant to your particular project. Find an example attached. Thanks

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