Healthcare Challenges and Solutions writing homework help

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  1. a. Recommendations:
    1. Primary Recommendation
    2. Alternate Recommendation
  2. The Recommendations section is where you will explain which solution alternative the healthcare organization should implement and why. Give support to your recommendations by considering strategic fit, healthcare organizational impacts, performance improvement potential, increased patient safety, etc. Specify criteria and measures of success in implementing the recommendation.
  3. In addition, nearly every healthcare decision has implications for the people in an organization and for the patients, and subsequently it involves ethics. Examine any ethical considerations that should be examined in the solution alternatives within the context of a theory focus and the worldview conceptual framework as expressed by the Four Lens model. Finally, conduct research on the question: what do experts say about the project’s practice focus? You need to include in this section:

    b. At least five articles accessed through OCLS on your project’s practice focuc

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