Healthcare Challenges, Strategy, Opportunities and Execution, homework help

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Healthcare Challenges, Strategy, Opportunities and Execution

You are the Benefits Lead at a Fortune 500 company that provides a competitive level of healthcare benefits to your employees, retirees and their families. As with other large employers, you have seen healthcare costs escalate faster than any other good or service in the economy and that expense has started to catch the eye of your CEO. You also understand, as does the organization, the need for healthcare benefits to attract and retain the right talent as well as protect employees from unforeseen health related financial hardship.

Your Vice-President of Human Resources has approached you and requested a 1.5 pages report on the “HR Challenges, HR Strategy, HR Opportunities and Execution”.

Your assignment is to write a report identifying 4 HR challenges that businesses face as it relates to providing healthcare to employees in the U.S. Then, you need to develop a specific healthcare strategy for your company based on those identified challenges. Next, you need to identify and describe 4 opportunities that HR might leverage to address your healthcare challenges. Lastly, you need to provide some detail on those 4 actual actions that you would implement to support your chosen strategy. Make sure you write your report in a clear, concise and carefully crafted format.

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