hello there i need help with this speech 140 public communication assignment i would really appreciate it

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1. Rank the following individuals in the order in which you perceive their credibility as a speaker. Ties are not permitted. Men and Women should be ranked separately. If you do not know an individual, research him/her on the Internet and write a sentence on what you learned about the person that relates to this assignment.

Men Women

Barack Obama Sarah Palin

Henry McMaster Ann Coulter

Bill Clinton Tina Fey

George W. Bush Hillary Clinton

Colin Powell Nikki Haley

Lindsey Graham Oprah Winfrey

Tim Scott Nancy Pelosi

Dalai Lama Katie Couric

Jon Stewart Robin Roberts

Jimmy Fallon Ellen DeGeneres

Donald Trump Elizabeth Warren

2. For the 3 individuals in each list that you ranked the most credible, indicate 3 reasons why.

3. Who is the least credible on the list? Why?

4. Add a name to the list of someone you find credible that is living and why they are credible to you.

Remember…the ability to speak effectively or to move someone does not equal credibility.


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