help with assgn (5) due in 3 days

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due in 3 days


Quiz 2: “Wet Nurse for Sale,” in They Were Her Property, pages 101-112

After reading the pages 101-112, students must answer all of the following questions:

1. What are two major issues in the reading?

2. Who are the main characters?

3. When do the events take place?

4. Where do events take place?

5.  How are the issues resolved?

6.  How are Black women treated?

7. What is the nature of the relationship between Black women and White women?

8. What kind of profession is being discussed?

9. Why would this be considered very strange today–excluding the issue of slavery?

10.  Why do you think theses issues were not discussed in your high school?

Here is the pdf:

They Were Her Property_b PDF.PDF

Discussion 3, “Frederick Douglass: From Slave to Abolitionist” (Documentary)




Students must answer at least four of the questions below.  Remember, students must always write their answers in complete sentences.

1.  How is this presentation different from what we have discussed and perhaps already learned about Douglass?

2.  How is Douglass relevant to the struggle for equality and justice today?

3.  Why is Douglass exceptional as a slave, according to the documentary?

4. Why should Douglass be introduced to all students of American history at every level?

5. What is the definition of an “abolitionist?”

6. Why do you some historians claim that Douglass is one of the greatest leaders of the 1800s?

7. At what point in your formal education did you learn about Douglass?

8. How do you think elementary school children would react to learning about Douglass and the Black experience of the 1800s through his life and challenges?


Summary2/Essay/”Wet Nurse for Sale or Hire” (Pages 113-125)

Students are required to write a three-page summary (double-spaced) on chapter 5, “Wet Nurse for Sale or Hire,” pages 113-125, in 
They Were Her Property.  Students must highlight the important points, conflicts, and illustrations concerning enslaved women and their owners in a narrative style.  Students must demonstrate they read all of the material, using their own unique voices in their particular summaries. 

Discussion 4 “Gold, Silver, and Slaves” (Britain’s Slave Trade Documentary)

Students must answer at least four of the questions below.  Remember, students must always write their answers in complete sentences.

1. What is the about, and how is it relevant to African American history?

2. How did Britain benefit from the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

3. Did African countries benefit from the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

4. What were some of the challenges African people faced, as they traveled to the New World.

5.  What is the modern, or present, impact of the Transatlantic Slave Trade on world history?

6.  Why do think the Transatlantic Slave Trade is not often studied and discussed in high schools, middle schools, or elementary schools?

7.  At what point in your formal education were you introduced to the Transatlantic Slave Trade?

8.  How did this documentary on the Transatlantic Slave Trade make you feel?

9.  What is the most important thing you learned from this documentary?

Quiz 3: Federalist No. 54 (Primary Source)

Students must answer the following questions below, using complete sentences based on reading Federalist #54.

1. How does James Madison, “The Father of the Constitution,” view African Americans?

2. Who is Madison’s primary audience?

3. What part of the Constitution was Madison concerned with?

4.  What is the problem with Madison’s language and style of writing?

5. How is Madison’s perspective relevant to today?

6. Do you agree with Madison in any regard?

7.  Which part of Madison’s perspective do you think most African Americans might disagree with?

8.  Madison believes that “all men are created equal?”  
True or False

9. Madison discusses George Washington? 
True or False

10.  Madison discusses the rights of women briefly in Federalist #54:  
True or False

Please find the reading below:

The Federalist Papers_#54.PDF

Download The Federalist Papers_#54.PDF

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