business db2

Searching for employment has changed dramatically since the advent and acceptance of the internet. While organizations still utilize newspapers classifieds to post openings most rely upon the internet to announce positions and accept applications.

While many companies will post open positions at their company’s website they also post on third-party job websites to reach the largest possible audience to find the best possible candidates.

  1. Use the internet to search for online job websites and identify two (2) managerial positions in the same field as your degree. For each position (report information for each position in separate paragraphs) identify:

    a. The name of the job search site where the position is posted

b. The title of the position.

c. The name of organization/company

d. Educational requirements

e. Technical requirements

f. Application requirements (is the application completed at the job search site, at the company website, by fax, or by mail)

  1. Aside from searching online what other sources of information can you use to identify open employment positions?
  2. Do you believe career planning and searching can be successful if conducted solely online?
  3. Should you consider expanding your search to look for positions internationally (in other countries)? If so, why? If not, why not?

4-6 paragraph

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