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While achievement testing is most commonly used in school settings, it can also be beneficial in clinical settings and helps guide clinical decisions and therapeutic interventions. Achievement tests provide a clinician with information related to a client’s language skills, reading level, comprehension, and problem-solving abilities. With this information, clinicians can devise interventions that meet the client’s abilities, or carefully choose interventions that are valid only for certain levels of achievement or ability. For example, it would be inappropriate to devise an intricate intervention or use highly complex words in a therapeutic interaction when a client’s language and comprehension skills are not advanced enough to adequately understand and participate in the intervention.

Consider the benefits of integrating the results of achievement tests in clinical practice.

With these thoughts in mind:

Write a brief explanation of the relevance of achievement testing in clinical practice. Then, describe three instances in which you might integrate the data from achievement testing in case conceptualizations and explain how.

APA Format

no more than 400 words

no title page

references please 3

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