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write job descriptions for a hypothetical director of a non-profit family service agency as it might have appeared in 1908 and one as it might appear today. Specifically, speculate on how the expectations for persons in management have evolved in the following areas: personal characteristics (e.g., gender, race), leadership, fundraising, inter-organizational relations, personnel management, and accountability. In comparing these job descriptions, consider how ideological, theoretical, fiscal, environmental, technical, and professional developments have shaped and changed management practice over the last 100 years. Then write a 350-450 word paper reflecting on the ways in which the management of human services agencies has changed over the last century. Be sure to apply core value of community in your discussion.

Note: The job descriptions are not to be turned in with your assignment; rather the job descriptions are a tool to assist you in writing your paper.


Include citations (do not use direct quotes; paraphrase), a cover page, and reference page with references. The cover page and reference page do not count as part of the content. Follow APA Guidelines.

The book if you have access to it is “The handbook of human services mangement” By Rino J Patti please base you work of chp. 1 and 2 ( this is important)

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