2 page outline

This is a 2 part project.

The first part is a 2 page outline on a paper that will be written later.


Develop an outline to map out your research and writing process for your research assignment on Lafarge.





Please use your text chapter headings as a guide to build the outline content that you find most relevant to the interest level you established when you selected your company.


 2 page outline


Remember that your assignment is to research the Lafarge Company.


Apply the fundamentals of financial management concepts to your corporate analysis based upon the type of inquiry you would like to make about this company. 


IE. Ratio analysis, The factors that influence the cost of money, market interest rates are affected by inflation, risk  and liquidity, related risk and return principles as corporate managers and investors.( this will grow as the paper gets bigger.


 I would like to analyze financial performance of the company. The outline should not be longer than 2 pages. 


This outline will serve as your guide to write a minimum 15 page analysis of the company and maximum 25 page analysis that include a cover page and reference page in good APA format.




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