For Nyanya only, here is my discusssion questions, I need 300wds for each question thanks.

Week 6 – Discussion 1

The Costs of Economic Growth

Economic growth is a goal of many economies; however, this does come at a cost. What are the effects of pursuing economic growth while not focusing on the environmental effects of these policies? In the United States, our living standards are much higher than most countries, but does this come at a cost? What are the future implications of pursuing economic growth on the environment and our resources?

Week 6 – Discussion 2

Environmental Impacts on the Future

Future generations lack the ability to cast votes in elections or provide monetary support in the market. Given this, what are the problems associated with not focusing on the environmental impact of the scarcity of our natural resources as they are ignored in a market economy? What are possible solutions that the government could undertake to help future generations?

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