Please see below – Paper is due by 10/21 – Other’s are due by date indicated

  • Art and Copy
    Review the video, “The Art of Purposeful Storytelling.” How does advertising content and design influence buyer behavior? What are the advertising implications? Synthesize the concepts and give an illustration of how at least two concepts in the video might be implemented in an advertisement to affect buyer behavior.
  • Creative Strategy
    Identify a minimum of three of the most important issues that must be considered when writing the creative strategy and objectives for an advertising campaign. Interpret the steps and issues and evaluate how each component affects buying behavior.
  • The Evolution and Importance of Advertising

    Using the APA writing style (6th Edition) and a minimum of three scholarly resources, two of which must be from the Ashford University online library, construct a three-to-four page paper based on the following questions/issues:

    a. How has advertising evolved into its current state?
    b. Describe changes taking place in today’s advertising industry.
    c. Describe how a target market helps the manager in an advertising plan.
    d. What role does economics play in advertising?

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