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The Segments of Society

In this assignment, I want you to think about change over time.  For the sake of argument, the members of these groups are all 20-somethings in the late 1760s and early 1770s (between the end of the Seven Years War and the beginning of the Revolution).  This means they will be middle-aged 40-somethings in the late 1780s.

In this exercise I want you to provide ONE reason why members of this group would be upset with the imperial/colonial government (mention specific policies) in the 1760s/early 1770s.  What do they want to be done to redress this grievance? Then I want you to fast forward to the period of the Articles of Confederation. Has this issue been resolved to the group’s satisfaction/is it still unresolved/does it matter anymore/or have their views on the subject substantially changed?

Do this for each group.  You will end up with a total of 5 different grievances to discuss (one for each group). I expect 4-5 sentences for each segment of society.

1. ELITE MERCHANTS:  Wealthy merchants who can be found across the colonies, but are particularly numerous in New England and the Middle Colonies.  John Hancock would be a representative example for this group.

2. ELITE PLANTERS:  Wealthy planters found mostly in the Chesapeake and Carolinas regions.  George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are representative examples.

3. ARTISANS:  This group consists of shopkeepers, blacksmiths, tailors, bakers, clerks, etc. Paul Revere would be a good example.

4. YEOMAN FARMERS: Small-holding farmers who are particularly numerous in the Middle Colonies

5. FRONTIER SETTLERS: Settlers in the Appalachians (and beyond) on the frontier of American colonial society.  This group consists of many Scots-Irish and Germans.

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