International management Homework


Cross Cultural Management Class Project:


There are three sections to this paper. 


Assume that they are a consultant working for an American firm responsible for providing training to expatriates on international assignments. Prepare a training package that would be used to provide expatriates with a foundation for living and working in the country. Draw on available online library research (and include proper citation and references) and may also supplement with interviews with managers who have lived or worked in this country.


The report should include:


1.     A cultural analysis: The cultural roots of a country are reflected in the arts, literature, and mass media of that society. Select one form of art, literature, or mass media to understand the culture of that country. Describe specific examples of this aspect of the culture, then identify the underlying beliefs and values reflected in these examples. Discuss the similarities and differences between American culture and the culture of the country you choose. Do not focus only on history or geography, but also on cultural beliefs, values, and norms.


2.    A description of the current practices that American firms use to train professionals for assignments in your country of choice. You can use online LIRN library research, supplemented with interviews.


3.   A PowerPoint presentation on living and working in your country of choice.  


Note: The Project will be 7 pages, 6 pages of the subject and a Reference Page in APA Format.


A PowerPoint presentation will be 4 slides long, on living and working in your country of choice. 


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