Retail Positioning with ICM/Unit3A

A brand’s positioning statement represents how you want customers to think and feel about the product/service brand or retail brand. Search the Internet for three retailer websites that do a great job in positioning their brand.

Please respond to these questions in your minimum 2–page APA paper. Include the name and URL for each retailer identified.


  • As a retailer, how do they communicate their positioning statement?

  • How do they communicate this statement as opposed to the competition? Refer to Outcomes of Proposed Positioning in figure 5.3 in Chapter 5.

  • Decide in which quadrant each of the three retailers positioning statements would be located and why.

Directions for the Assignment: Please number your responses as seen below and answer all questions for each of these retailers you have chosen:

#1 Retailer name and URL:

#2 Retailer name and URL:

#3 Retailer name and URL:


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