economic model health care

You need to find an article similar to the articles in the exam but something that you find on your own…  and find a healthcare related article and decide what is the product, is it demand side or supply side or both and analyze…

1) discuss the scenario

2)apply econimic theory to dissect and analyze the scenario. Using the econimic theory, help the reader to understand if its demand -side, supply-side or a topic that impacts both side o the issue.

3) what is the product or service that is impacted?

4)how elasticities of demand and/or supply have or are expected to e impacted.

5)estalish the initial condition with appropriate econimic models

6)estabilish the dynamic of the scenario into the model with logical conlusions clearly identified.


I almost did it all. I found an article and I did the graphic. I just need you to review it, do the introduction, and if what I wrote is right  just make it better.


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