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Develop a 1 half page budget that determines a present and future forecast of all sales and total expenses for the restaurant you will be using to write your final business and marketing plan. In a real-life situation, this should be prepared with all current financial documents and all planned future sales and expenses. In this case, you will likely need to estimate or create some of these numbers based on available scholarly sources.

In your budget analysis, you must list the following:

  1. All labor costs including benefits and total percentage of business expense.
  2. All utility cost and total percentage of business expense.
  3. All food cost and total percentage of business expense.
  4. All equipment costs and maintenance and total percent of business expense.
  5. All advertising and marketing costs and what percent of business expense.
  6. All income from food sales.
  7. All income from alcohol sales.
  8. All income from merchandise sales.
  9. The total of all costs.
  10. The total of all sales.
  11. The projected profit or loss.
  12. The trends in cost and sales.

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