A man sits in a chair holding his breath while a dog sits staring at him. A man and a woman stand in a nearby doorway talking. The caption reads, "Henry is  holding his breath until Washington regains its sanity."

Write an essay on the cartoon explaining the cartoonist’s viewpoint. Who is his audience? What issue might he be editorializing, or providing an opinion about? Do you agree or disagree with this editorial cartoon? Do you think this cartoon will be relevant in five or ten years? Explain why.

Make sure your essay is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. Save your essay and submit it to your teacher using the Drop Box below.

Closely Examine the cartoon from the previous slide and write an essay explaining the cartoonist’s viewpoint.

1. Who is his audience?

2. What issue is he editorializing.

3. What did you learn from the cartoon 

4. Do you agree or disagree with this editorial cartoon? Explain why?

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