In Chapter 23, N-B describe three different approaches the leading countries of the European Union favor: a minimalist free market (Britain), a true federation (Germany), or a multi-shaped cooperation of sovereign states (France).

Based on your readings, write a short essay on which approach (or combination of features from different approaches) you think best describes the EU of the present.  Explain whether you think this is the way the EU economy will continue to work or if it is going through a transition as it moves through the current global financial crisis. In your essay, comment on what sort of relationship you foresee between the US and the EU in the next three to four years. Be sure to give reasons why you think yours is a likely scenario considering the proposals made by the Socialist government under François Hollande.

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*Write your essay in a word processing program, correct the spelling word count, etc., then copy and paste it in the Assignment box below. Save your work on your computer, a disk, or CD in case of technical problems.

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