This assignment is necessary for understanding how ethics plays a role in engineering industry. See objective 1.3.f and h

Please submit a personal response to the “Toyota” case study video. This response should be at least 500 words long. You may use first person in this document and include your personal reaction to the video.

Please type this in a word document and attach the file to the assignment when you are ready to turn it in. 

Overview : Introduction:

In this module, you will learn about the global nature of the engineering profession, challenges facing the engineers of tomorrow, along with the ethics associated with the engineering profession.

Module level objectives (Students will be able to):

  1. Identify impact of National Agreements on the engineering profession  (Related to course objective 1.3.h)
  2. Identify and characterize international industries which engineers work within  (Related to course objective 1.3.h)
  3. Identify future challenges of the engineering profession  (Related to course objective 1.3.a, b, h)
  4. Analyze and apply the ethics in the engineering profession  (Related to course objective 1.3.f)

Assigned reading from textbook:

  1. Chapter 4: Global and International Engineering
  2. Chapter 5: Future Challenges
  3. Chapter 14: Ethics and Engineering

Additional reading:

     1.  National Society of Professional Engineers Code of Ethics Summary Sheet (

     2. Ethics slides linked below

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