First I want you to give those stuffs below in 4 and half hours. The resources that will cover this paper(at least 1 page); Outline of this paper(1 page); An introduction paragraph(1 page). Second, this is a 12-page long paper with MLA form, and you can give it to me on Friday. This paper must include: 1. Who did this? 2. Who did this happen to? 3. Where did this happen? 4. When did this happen? 5. Did anyone try to stop it? 6. What exactly happened(details)? 7. How did this happen? Then, it will require Library Research, Peer-Reviewed Articles, Books, .edu/.gov/.org Websites, Video, Images, and of course, so if you are in school, that will be easy for you to collect some of these resources. I give you some links that help you find resources: video(you tube), google research, .org.edu, Genocide watch, Amnesty International.

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