Write a 4-6 page (typed, double spaced, 1000-1400 words) paper that completes both of the following steps.

Part 1

Write a brief (2-2.5 pages) exegesis of one of the philosophical theories listed below. An “exegesis” is just an explanation that uses simple terms, illustrative examples, and points out aspects of the idea being explained. When writing an exegesis use your own words. Imagine that you are speaking or writing to a friend who knows only a little about philosophy and that friend needs to understand the concept you are writing about. Be careful that you do not commit plagiarism in this section of your paper. Note that you do not need to do -and in many cases should avoid doing- any research outside of reading the textbook. When you do refer to the ideas in the textbook, cite them in APA style.

Soft Determinism

Libertarianism (about Free Will)

Descartes’ Cogito Ergo Sum argument

Russell’s theory about appearance and reality

Berkeley’s Idealism

Lucretius’ Atomism

Hobbes’ Social Contract Theory

Nozick’s Libertarianism

Rawls’ Theory of Distributive Justice

Iris Marion Young’s theory of oppression

Richard Taylor’s argument that life is objectively meaningless

Sartre’s theory of Existentialism

Step 2:

Write a brief criticism of the theory you explained. Your criticism can come entirely from your own mind, from things I said in class, or from things other authors said in our textbook. But if you refer to other authors’ criticisms and agree with them, make sure to say why you agree and make sure to properly cite your sources using APA format.

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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