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  1. Identify and describe the problem(s) in the case study as you see it/them.

      The problem in the case study is that Yvonne may have been sexually harassed by a man, formerly from Jamaica, who has been, as management knows, perhaps unsuccessfully trained in what sexual harassment is and that it must be avoided. That said, there is one potential victims in this case, Yvonne, and one definite victim in this case, Jerrick, because Yvonne has told everyone how Jerrick has molested her so regardless of what actually happened his reputation is damaged.

  • A. Is there any additional information you would have attempted to obtain from any other the individuals involved (directly or indirectly) in the incident? Why or Why not?

      I would only speak to those individuals directly involved, Yvonne and Jerrick and eyewitnesses Sam and Jeff. Speaking with other people on the floor, especially those whom Yvonne has already complained to, would just provide second hand biased reports. Second hand reports can divide groups into friends of both the possible victim and assaulter and can make determining what happened difficult (Brown, 2012).

  • B. What, if anything, would you report to Anne since she asked about the case?

     I would tell Anne that Yvonne had reported her butt being grabbed but it was uncertain from eyewitnesses if Jerrick really grabbed her or not. I would also say Yvonne disobeyed orders to leave for the day and made threatening comments about her husband seeking retaliation for the grab. I would also mention Jerrick has been too friendly with inviting the females to meet his family, but then again, these invitations were to meet his family not to go on a date.

  •  i. When would you report anything to Anne?

       I would report to Anne as soon at the end of the day after I was certain Yvonne and Jerrick had left, giving her the facts as I knew them and what I would do as far as interviewing other women and the witnesses the next day.

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