Determinants of Health

The factors that determine your health are multifaceted, ranging from age, sex, and genetic makeup to socioeconomic, cultural, and environmental conditions. This week’s Discussion will give you the opportunity to explore these factors further.

To prepare review the weekly readings on social determinants of health and then visit the Healthy People 2020 website ( Explore the Leading Health Indicators described on the Healthy People website. Then, select one social determinant and one Leading Health Indicator to analyze for this week’s Discussion.

Write a 500-750 word comprehensive response (word count not including references) to the following questions as they relate to your selected determinant and Leading Health Indicator. Be sure to identify the determinant in the beginning of your writing.

  • In what ways can your select social determinant influence one of the Leading Health Indicators described on the site? For example, if you choose the Leading Indicator of oral health care, how might the social determinant of socio-economic status impact one’s oral health?
  • How do you know this? Summarize the evidence through effective paraphrasing and reference your sources at the end of your post.
  • Has the social determinant you chose for this Discussion impacted how you, a friend, or a family member received health care in the past? What was the impact?


Web Sites

Optional Resources Readings

  • Article: Balcázar, H., Wise, S., Rosenthal, E. L., Ochoa, C., Rodriguez, J., & Hastings, D., et al. (2012). An ecological model using promotores de salud to prevent cardiovascular disease on the US-Mexico border: the HEART Project. Preventing Chronic Disease9, E35. Retrieved from

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