for this written assignment, choose 1 disease or disorder from the list be below, Research the disease or disorder  on the internet, the paper should be researched and well-written. you must also cite your sources. please do not plagiarize. The paper should be in your own words.  This written assignment should be in APA format. Acceptable APA format need a tittle page, abstract page, one to two content pages, and a reference page, This assignment is to be double-spaced. The paper must be 4 to 5 pages. the 5th page should your reference page on where you got your information from. 

1) Gout

2) scleroderma

3) Muscular Dystrophy

4) Rheumatoid Arthritis

5) Teranus

choose one to write the paper.

i also upload a file, the paper must have an abstract it’s an introduction of what the paper is going to be about and what you will discuss throughout the whole paper. take a look at the this essay to have a better idea. thanks

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